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белый с цветным рисунком, Тип поверхности обивки - матовый, Бренд - Polini, мм - 1300, мм - 1470, Рекомендуемые помещения - Детская. м - 0, куб.3, Цвет корпуса - белый, Серия - Polini kids Кантри, месяцы - 6, Выступ, Тип поверхности корпуса - глянцевый,03, Длина, Материал корпуса - сталь, Цвет обивки - бежевый, мм - 1300, Высота, Материал обивки - хлопок, Время изготовления, красный, дней - 3, кг - 5.Артикул - TPL_0001417_25_5, Объем упаковки, Гарантия, Масса брутто

Polini THOR 250 DUAL SPARK engine features 2 spark plugs and 2 independent ignitions to grant the maximum safety standard in every condition of flight. The liquid cooling system grants an extraordinary steady power output and better performance at every rpm. Polini Motori Spa is present on the domestic market with more than 3.200 points of sale and in more than 60 countries all around the world. A well-organized and highly qualified sales network. The Polini official dealers can provide you all the information you need to choose and purchase of our products range. На фото представлены Палатка-вигвам детская Polini kids Disney Последний богатырь «Принцесса» арт.0001628-2 и 0001628-3 и «Лес» арт.0001627-1 и 0001627-3 Tour virtuale alla Polini Motori - Virtual Tour of Polini Motori. Tour virtuale alla Polini Motori - Virtual Tour of Polini Motori... POLINI MOTORI SPA POLINI MOTORI S.P.A. Loading.. Polini Aftermarket parts - Our Polini 50cc dirt bike aftermarket brands are high quality replacement parts same quality and performance but much lower in price. Polini FACTORY OEM parts- Polini X1, X3, and X5 parts made in Italy from factory Polini. Home Polini THOR Polini Motori and its never ending research, the constant development, the experience in the races, have set up the THOR engines, 2 stroke engines for use in flight. Visit the web site and discover the complete range of POLINI THOR engines.

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